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OT100MTB 2017

After having no races on my calendar since the TABR finish in 2016, I was really looking forward to the OT100MTB on 9-30-17. It is a 100-mile, point-to-point mountain bike race on the Ozark Trail here in Missouri. The race … Continue reading

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TABR16- Day 18

When I woke up at the hostel in Farmington, I felt like I had been beat with a bat. I was not looking forward to getting up and moving, but knew I needed to. I had texts from several people. … Continue reading

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TABR16- Day 17

My last day in KS/first day in MO had only been just OK, and I don’t mean Oklahoma. The heat and humidity were killer, but in the end, I had to admit it and say that the root issue was … Continue reading

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TABR16- Day 16

Sleeping in my bivy behind the Toronto United Methodist Church, I was awoken by something on the ground near me, rooting around. Coming out of sleep, I first thought it was someone, then realized it was someTHING and my brain … Continue reading

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Cedar Cross 2015

To be perfectly frank, after my disappointment in the way Trans Iowa V11 went, I was feeling pretty down. Poor weather conditions couldn’t be helped, but I felt like I severely underprepared, both in training and in getting my bike … Continue reading

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It’s been way too long

Here we are again. It has been 8 months since I last posted and obviously A LOT has happened since. It is funny how life click-clacks along and before you know it, time gets away from you. When I last … Continue reading

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A glimpse into the past, or is it the future? GRS/TA day 3

Cherokee Pass to Cape Girardeau After having not slept well Sunday night and the massive climbing of yesterday, I fully expected I would sleep log a log, but it wasn’t to be. The wind was blowing and gusting something fierce … Continue reading

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I take the road less traveled- GRS/TA day 2

Johnson Shut-Ins to Cherokee Pass After the nice evening Sunday, the night turned cold. Much cooler than I thought it would. My sleeping bag is rated at 45 degrees, which actually means it is probably better suited for 50 and … Continue reading

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On the road again- GRS/TA day 1

What a day! I started the day off bright and early with a mountain bike ride with my buddies Ben and Lindell. We took off before 6AM and drove to Council Bluffs lake to do the lake trail. 12 miles … Continue reading

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Best day of the trip

Back on the road! After 17 awesome days at home, I hit the road again. It really seemed like longer than that and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Time didn’t drag at all. It just seems like … Continue reading

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