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Snow days = Sew days

As of late, I have been preparing for the upcoming year of adventures I have planned. I have been riding, working out, working on gear and mentally preparing. I have had a few longer road rides and have most of … Continue reading

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Time for a break

So here is the list of things I was thinking of for today: -There was a massive storm system that is rolling through the northeast dumping rain and snow and causing temperatures to plummet. -I’m in the northeast. -Being in … Continue reading

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I’m out

Today’s post is simple. I woke up this morning feeling like crap and the forecast was for 40’s, high winds and rain all day. I can handle rain when I feel well or it’s warm out. I can even handle … Continue reading

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Day off in Walden

Just a short entry today. Took the day off here in Walden. When I woke this morning it looked kind of crappy out. Cold, cloudy and raining. At 8:00 it was 43. With everything added together, the rain, cold and … Continue reading

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And on the 15th day, he rested

Although today was an off day, I feel the need to blog, if only just to showcase the difference in my activity for the day comparative to the last two weeks.  The morning started about 7:45 with me waking up, … Continue reading

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