To be inspired is to feel alive!

As I continue preparations for my trip, I have been talking to anyone I see and telling them of my upcoming journey.  Of course there are those occasional folks who think I’m nuts for even thinking about riding a bicycle across the country and that’s OK.  The uncertainty of not really knowing where you are going to get your next meal or where you will sleep the next night is just too much for some.  They need the comfort of the known and that is just fine.  For them anyway!

Then there are those of us who live the everyday life, but wish for something much more.  An adventure like nothing else.  I am one of those people.  As I meet and talk with folks in and around my life, more often than not, I see a sense of awe and inspiration in there eyes when I tell them what I am about to embark on.  Several have just came out and said that I am an inspiration to them.  That is really cool.  I’m not the kind of guy that needs to be validated by other peoples views, but it’s refreshing to be told when you are making a positive impact on someone.

That being said, I am feeling inspired by humankind.  The excitement I am seeing in my friends and family is amazing!  I guess inspiration breeds inspiration and so on.  We inspire each other and now I want to reciprocate a bit more.

Here is a link to a video that went viral not long ago.  Thanks Bruce Marler for the link.  This kid has got to have really supportive family around him to have these wise words at such a young age.  Good parenting works!  I hope you find the video interesting and inspiring.  The premise is that you might go out and ride a bike.  Or learn to ride a bike.  But if not, I hope you find the inspiration to do whatever it is that you are feeling compelled to do to better yourself and/or your situation.  In the words of the late MJ, make that change.  Shammon!

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