Time for a break

So here is the list of things I was thinking of for today:

-There was a massive storm system that is rolling through the northeast dumping rain and snow and causing temperatures to plummet.

-I’m in the northeast.

-Being in the northeast, I have come across the majority of the Appalachian Mountains, which has meant 44,000′ of climb over the last 700 miles.

-Having not taken a break in 9 days, I have been worn down.

Adding all those things together, I decided today was a good day to take off. I needed the rest and the weather is supposed to be better tomorrow.

So today I slept in, watched tv, took a nap, did laundry and took care of some bike maintenance. Tomorrow I’m off to cross the Blue Ridge and make some good headway. Should be just  a few more days until I’m done!

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  1. Glenn M. Harrison says:

    Because of the weather just N. of you, flights all over this nation have been cancelled. Back-up here in Seattle for points on northern east cost are at a stand still. Hope flights will resume for those flying by noon Monday. It’s Oct 31, not Nov. 30th. What gives with the weather? Try and stay worm on those cold mountain roads for the next few days.

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