The time is near- only 8 more days!

I just realized yesterday evening that the last time I updated here, my outlook on the race was a bit bleak. Back pain and vehicle problems had me down, but I had resolved to not let it get to me. Luckily, that resolve has carried me past the ugly parts and things are looking good. Everything is pretty well set and I fly out Sunday morning!

My low back strain has taken some diligence to get beyond, but is now basically gone. The first 3-5 days were painful, but with stretching, yoga , being careful not to do anything more to it and being patient, I am now back to normal. I didn’t ride for over a week as I was concerned I would do more harm than good. Once I was feeling better, I got a couple somewhat vigorous rides in over the past weekend and I think I am in good shape with the back now.

The car situation? Well, our family vehicle is still down and won’t be going again until I get home from the race, but I have been fortunate enough to have a great friend who is letting us borrow a car while I’m gone. Thank you Kevin! When I get home I will have to deal with it right away, but at least I don’t have to worry about it for now and my journey wasn’t ended before it started.

As for trip prep, I made some eleventh hour changes that required some Amazon orders. No big changes, just re-routing charge cables to make my system easier to use and more efficient. I am waiting on one more cord that is supposed to be out for delivery with the mail today.

I also have some spare parts (chain, tires, tubes) that are supposed to be in soon. I ordered them last week, but still don’t have them in my possession. The chain is set to deliver tomorrow (Friday). The tires and tubes don’t show a projected date. Grrrr. I planned to put all of this in a box and post it to roughly mid-course. Hopefully they come before I leave Sunday, but worst case they come in next week and Jeneen can get it together and send it out for me. As long as it is done prior to June 4th, I am good. After that, it would be considered help during the race and against the rules.

Tonight I plan to do one last ride with all my gear and I have a couple little sewing projects I want to work on. Tomorrow evening I pack and box it all up. Saturday will be hanging with family and Sunday I am off to Oregon. It is all coming to the pointy end and I feel so much more prepared than last year. I have the right gear and setup for me. I have mentally and physically prepared. I am ready. And I can’t wait!!

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  1. Cindy Plante says:

    So glad everything turned around for you in a good way. We’ll be tracking your progress while we continue our slogress to Yorktown.

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