Preparations continue

I realize that there is quite a gap between my first post and this one, but it has been a whirlwind month!

Since making the decision to go, I’ve been planning everything, ordering equipment, trying to get as many rides in as possible and still spend time with friends and family in preparation of being gone for two months.

As of now, I suppose I am prepared.  My bike isn’t packed and neither is my gear, but I do have everything accumulated that will be necessary for the trip…I think.

First off, my flight from St Louis to Portland is this Saturday.  So only two more days!  I’ve received all of the orders from Nashbar and REI.  I have my panniers in from (highly recommended by me if you are in the market for panniers).  I’ve spent way too much money at Trans-Am Cyclery, my local bike store.  And I’ve gathered up all of my backpacking gear that I had stored around the house.  I’ve weighed, culled, re-weighed and culled again.  As it stands now, I am looking at about 34 pounds of base weight for my gear.  That doesn’t include food or water, but it puts me in the range of weight that I wanted to be.  As I’m not riding an official touring bike, the lightest weight of gear possible is best to reduce the stress on the bike frame, and also the engine!  😉

Now I just have to get all this stuff packed for my flight.  You would think might not be that big of an issue, but in the interest of arriving in Oregon with everything I need intact (important) and nothing more than I need (ie luggage), it might be interesting.  I really don’t want to carry any superfluous things along and I would rather not ship anything back as soon as I get there.  It’s going to be a challenge.

The bike will be in a bike shipping box recycled from the local bike shop.  Lots of packing!  I sure hope the airline is gentle with my girl.  The rest of my gear that I can check as baggage will probably end up in in the box as well.  Then I will use one of my panniers as my carry-on.  Hopefully all goes well!

I’m still have to take care of some honey-dos and last minute issues.  Oil changes for both vehicles, licensing for my truck that will expire while I’m gone, a little bit of yard work and some miscellaneous other things around the house.  All that being said, things seem to be wrapping up nicely!  Hopefully I can get everything packed later today and save Friday for all my running around.  I keep telling myself, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Yeah, I’m showing my fatherhood there!  Soon enough I’ll be in Astoria and begin this great adventure.  I can’t wait!

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