Know when to say when

So last night I stayed in a really nasty place. It was top two of the worst on the trip. If you are ever in the Hodgenville area, don’t go anywhere near the Cruise Inn, just sayin’.

Although the place was nasty enough for me to not take a shower, with my cold, I really needed rest so I ended up sleeping in till 9:00. I quickly gathered my things and headed up the road to have breakfast at Hardee’s. I met another cyclist there. Cindy Savino from Fort Collins, CO. She left from her house and is headed to North Carolina to visit her sister. We had a nice chat and she is my 10:00 pic!

After breakfast, I intended on leaving town, but decided to go ahead and stop by Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace just south of town. I wasn’t really that interested in seeing it, now that I look back and think about it. I really think I was just looking for ways to keep from getting on the bike. I was feeling slightly better today, but all I really wanted to do was just lay down and rest.

After checking things out at the birth site, I finally hit the road about 11:30. I wasn’t too concerned with time as I only planned on going 87 miles today and figured I could do that in about 6 hours pretty easy.

The trip was a slog. The terrain wasn’t too bad and the wind was fine. I just didn’t want to ride. At all. I made several stops at stations and just kept putzing along. The only thing I kept in mind was I wanted to get to Bardstown to have lunch.

When I rolled into Bardstown, it was a little after 2:00 and I was craving a chicken tendercrisp from Burger King. As I sat and ate, I was checking things out on my phone. Facebook, weather and maps. I noticed several motels within a mile or so of my location on the map. That’s when I decided. I’m not going any further today.

Why continue to fight it? I don’t feel well, I need the rest and I have time built in my schedule. So I checked into the Days Inn, got a CLEAN shower (yah!) and vegetated in front of the tv. As I type this out, I am feeling much better and I look forward to getting back on the road in the morning. Sometimes you just have to take a break.

On a different note, because I was vegetating, I caught E.T. and Invictus. Both excellent flicks!

Trip time-2:52
Avg speed-16.07
Max speed-43.63

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