Keep pedaling

I guess I was tired. After going to bed early, I slept in late and didn’t hit the road until 10:10.  Even still, with all that rest and a pretty good tailwind, when I came to a hill, I just didn’t have any gas today. I did make good time on the downhills though. 

Just 10 miles in, it was 10:45 and I wanted a break. My choices at that point were a gas station or Burger King. I went with the burger. 

Back on the road, it was more of the same. Hills, tailwinds and my lack of strength. 

I rode into Radford and stopped for a snack at a convenience store. I ended up sitting around outside for a half hour or better resting.

The next town was Christianburg, which was a highlight of the day. Christianburg marks the end of map 11 and the beginning of map 12! I’m now on the last map! 

Coming out of Christianburg, I had a great downhill for a few miles of winding road. Lots of fun. But when the road turned uphill again, I was dead. Looking at my options, I decided to take a 4 mile detour to Blacksburg and find a place to stay. It was just getting too late in the day and I still had 42 miles to my next possible stopping point. 

So here I sit in Blacksburg, wondering if I shouldn’t have slept in this morning. Then I might have been able to go on to Daleville like I had planned. Who knows. I do know that I plan on an early start tomorrow. Just keep pedaling. 

Trip time-4:01
Avg speed-15.63
Max speed-43.63

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