Snow days = Sew days

As of late, I have been preparing for the upcoming year of adventures I have planned. I have been riding, working out, working on gear and mentally preparing. I have had a few longer road rides and have most of my gear sorted for my races. I am excited about this year and look forward to all it has to bring. Trans Iowa is 68 days away and Trans Am Bike Race is 110 days out. That time will fly for sure!


IMG_6734 IMG_6733

That being said, it is a snowy day outside and I find myself on one hand wishing for better weather so I can ride, but on the other hand, OK with just chilling. A look at the long range forecast shows that this could possibly be the last little blast of winter, so I think it is a good idea to take a rest. I have plenty of training planned for the spring and I know there will come a time I will wish to just relax. So that is what I’m doing today.

Well, I am relaxing from physical training anyway. The mind always works. As a snow day project, I am designing and putting together a partial frame bag for my Trans Iowa setup. Historically I have had a full frame bag on that bike and went with a Camel Bak for my hydration. This year I want to put the water weight back on the frame of the bike, so I removed the full frame bag and put bottle cages back on. Above that, I will have a small partial frame bag across the top of the triangle. I am also going to make two mountain feed bags to install on the bars that can double as a place to store bottles if necessary. This will actually give me more possible room for water than the Camel Bak, be more versatile (as I can also use the mountain feed bags to store food), and get all the weight from my back onto the bike. That sounds like a good plan all around to me. I’ll post pics of the final products when I have them done.



Time for a break

So here is the list of things I was thinking of for today:

-There was a massive storm system that is rolling through the northeast dumping rain and snow and causing temperatures to plummet.

-I’m in the northeast.

-Being in the northeast, I have come across the majority of the Appalachian Mountains, which has meant 44,000′ of climb over the last 700 miles.

-Having not taken a break in 9 days, I have been worn down.

Adding all those things together, I decided today was a good day to take off. I needed the rest and the weather is supposed to be better tomorrow.

So today I slept in, watched tv, took a nap, did laundry and took care of some bike maintenance. Tomorrow I’m off to cross the Blue Ridge and make some good headway. Should be just  a few more days until I’m done!

I’m out

Today’s post is simple. I woke up this morning feeling like crap and the forecast was for 40’s, high winds and rain all day. I can handle rain when I feel well or it’s warm out. I can even handle the intermittent stuff when I don’t feel well and it’s cold. But everything all together…. I’m out, in the words of my friend John! I spent the day mostly resting. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Day off in Walden

Just a short entry today. Took the day off here in Walden. When I woke this morning it looked kind of crappy out. Cold, cloudy and raining. At 8:00 it was 43.

With everything added together, the rain, cold and the fact that I have been hitting really hard lately, I decided to take the day. Glad I did. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little better anyway. 

Did my laundry, organized my things, watched a bunch of tv and ate. Boring day really. I DID get to have some awesome conversation with my wife. That made my day!

As most of you have probably figured out by now, I’m not doing this trip so much as a tourist. I’m considering this more as a physical challenge. That being said, I did some figuring on my stats today. 

Over the last 9 days since I had a day off, I’ve traveled 832.59 miles, for an average of 92.51 miles. 

Overall, I’ve come 1959.57 miles over 23 days of riding for an average of 85.20 miles per day, with only 3 days off. I’m happy with that. 

Right now, I have a plan to be back in Farmington, MO by the afternoon of 9-30. To do that, I have 14 days of riding planned with one day off. The total miles home will be 1231.5 for an average if 87.96 a day. We’ll see!

Tomorrow I head to Kremmling!

And on the 15th day, he rested

Although today was an off day, I feel the need to blog, if only just to showcase the difference in my activity for the day comparative to the last two weeks. 

The morning started about 7:45 with me waking up, rolling over and turning on the tv. After a great morning chat with Jeneen, I stumbled down to the lobby and had the continental breakfast. Then it was back to the room for more tv. 

About noon, I decided to get re-dressed and walk down the road to Subway. Then back to the room for more tv and a nap. 

In the afternoon, I got spunky and walked about a half mile to a Wal Mart for some snacks and various other necessities. Guess what? Back to the room for more tv! Oh, and I ate some candy bars, drank some Mt Dew and ate a whole package of Triple Double Oreos. 

Here at 8:00, I just walked next door to Pizza Hut and got a carry out order of hot wings. I’m back in the room now and lounging in front if the tube. 

So to sum it up, I’ve spent almost all day in my underwear, eating junk food and watching tv. I haven’t touched the bike or done anything even remotely associated with cycling. It’s been a good rest day!