Oops! Houston, we HAD a problem

Well, it has been a busy and distracting month or so and I haven’t made blogging a priority. Today I tried to sign in to do a little check up and find that my domain had expired! After a little bit of accounting and button pushing, things are back up and running. I made some changes so that I hopefully will stay on top of it from here on out. Fingers crossed.

That being said, I am WAYYYY behind on getting my TABR15 story out and I have a whole slew of things to talk about in regard to preparations for this year’s OT100MTB, not to mention all my plans for TABR16. I will be putting that out here very soon. As a precursor to all of that, I will say that I am well on my way as far as completing goals. As of this morning, I am down a total of 41 pounds since the start of TABR15. I am nearly at “fighting weight” and look forward to realizing the benefits of those lost pounds as I train and race over the next year. Good stuff!

With that, stay tuned. Really this time. 🙂