I’m a quitter

So I figured that today deserved two blog entries. Not because I went over 1000 miles or any other reason like that referring to this trip. Today is a special day. Today I am 2 years tobacco free.

Two years ago, I had been smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes and chewing a can of skoal each day. I was heavier and had some really bad eating habits. I drank an enormous amount of soda. In general, I was really just unhealthy.

On September 2, 2009 I decided I was done with tobacco. I had quit many times before, but this time was different. I really wanted to quit. So I did. No weening myself off or drugs or hypnosis. I decided I was done and quit. And that is the reason I am sitting in Lowell, ID right now on a cross-country cycling trip.

You see, if I hadn’t quit, I wouldn’t have gotten into running the way I did. Which lead me to make healthier eating choices. It also lead me to look for something to do on the days I wasn’t running. That lead me to buy a bike, which opened up a great love of cycling. That in turn brought me to want to cross the country on the saddle of a bike, and here I am.

Two years. I’m not as skinny as I want to be and I don’t eat the heathiest things always. I also drink a soda once in awhile. (more as of late on this trip. I think my body wants the sugar!) I’m not in the best shape of my life…yet. But I don’t smoke anymore and I don’t chew. And stopping those bad habits has opened me up to an adventure that is more amazing than this silly blog can describe. I’m a quitter and proud of it!

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  1. laura leeson says:

    i hear you on the soda thing! i would spend the last 20-30miles of some days just dreaming of mountain dew!

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