Hello? Is there anybody out there?????


Have you ever been trying to reach someone, maybe by phone or email, and despite your desire to reach them, you get no response? Thoughts go through your mind… Did I say something to upset them? Do they just not like me? What gives?

Now imagine that by accident you had disabled their ability to reach you. That is pretty much what has happened on this blog. Doh!


For quite a long time, I have made post after post with absolutely no feedback from my audience. None. Not even a hearty, “You suck!” Just silence. I figured maybe nobody really looks at this or maybe it just isn’t that compelling to inspire someone to comment back.

Then today I decided to have my wife try to comment on a post. She couldn’t! After poking through the settings, I found the culprit- a checked box. After I removed that little tick, BINGO!!!! Everything seems to be working again.

Now, I understand that you may not want to comment or that you just don’t find my ramblings worth your words, but on the stray chance that you decide to tell me to go jump off a cliff, now you can. 🙂

I look forward to everyone’s replies!


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3 Responses to Hello? Is there anybody out there?????

  1. That would explain why I couldn’t leave a comment last Thursday asking why you bought a bivy for TI.

  2. Just a little recap…
    Over the last 3 weeks or so, the comment flood gates have opened! I have had 64 comments to various pages on this site. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those have been spam. 53 of them to be exact. 🙂

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