Good thing I wasn’t holding my breath

So you know that old adage about just when you think you got the tiger by the tail, it turns around to bite you? Well, lets just say I need to be careful about what I say.

As of my last post, just 6 days ago, everything seemed to be in place and I was just waiting for 5-29 to get here so I can fly out to Oregon and get this race started. Since then I have been going over things and making a few final tweaks to my setup. I had wrapped up my upgrades and took the bike out for a ride. Everything on the bike felt great.

Mid-week I received some funds that I had been waiting on and I got very excited! This was what I was counting on for TABR funds. Now I had it in my possession and in the bank. I was really excited and shared that excitement with a few folks that are close to me. The one thing that really took me out of last year’s race was now taken care of. That is what you call relief.

Then the tide started to turn. Friday afternoon or evening, I started feeling a strain in my lower back. Gradually it has gotten worse. I’m not real sure what I have done, but it isn’t good. It hurts to stand, sit or lay down. I have stretched and popped ibuprofen, but not much seems to help. It is not something that I feel I should ride with. That’s a big bummer as this weekend was mostly free and beautiful weather. I really feel like I am missing out on some quality riding time and with the lack of riding over the last few weeks, I worry I am losing fitness.

Then yesterday I got a call from my son. He had been driving our family vehicle and noticed a noise in the engine. I had him shut it down and I went across town to check it out. It is bad. From the sound of it, we have a broken part in the bottom end of the motor. Bad main bearings or a broken rod. I currently have it about half apart trying to diagnose the problem and have run into a few stumbling blocks. Although I am mechanically inclined and can fix about anything, this will cost money for parts and very well will cost quite a bit. This very likely will put my race funds in jeopardy.

I was very upset last night (Saturday). I prepared nearly a year for TABR15, only to have my hopes trashed with a DNF in Colorado due to lack of funds and now, after another year of preparing and being so much more diligent this time, I very well may have to sack my dream of bike racing to fix a car. That is ironic actually. I discussed it at length with Jeneen over a big cheeseburger and went to bed feeling dejected and beaten.

I slept well and although my back isn’t any better today, my resolve is. Very much like when racing and you have problems, it is best to eat and then sleep on it. I have some enormous hurdles to overcome over the next 14 days before my scheduled flight, but they are hurdles, not stop signs. Time to put on my problem solving hat and get things done. If the race isn’t easy, getting there shouldn’t be either.


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5 Responses to Good thing I wasn’t holding my breath

  1. Scott Wegleitner says:

    For your back go see Adam Overcast. Great chiropractor in Farmington. Good luck on the vehicle. Stay positive.

  2. Glenn Harrison says:

    Sorry to hear and yes, life throws us curves now and again. Of real concern is the pain in your back with little to no relief, and what to do. Our best wishes for your health in coming days Brian.

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. As the day has wore on, the back seems to feel a bit better. Hoping that is a trend. The car? Eh, we’ll get it figured out. 🙂 Maybe we’ll just ride our bikes around!

  4. Cindy Plante says:

    I met u & Tom Camero last May on the bike path along the Columbia while touring with 2 men, Roger & Dan. If it’s anything, I am finishing up the TA as we speak from Denver headed to Yorktown with my husband & he has a very bad sciatic nerve issue. Cycling & laying completely down is the only thing that doesn’t make it hurt. So far, we have gotten thru Eastern CO & most of KS with fully loaded bikes. It is an unknown how the hills will affect his problem once we get into MO. But we will continue on until we can’t. Hopefully we can complete the trail together. A positive attitude is extremely important so don’t let the negatives get you down. I was hoping to see you passing by us in KY or VA this year. Your cheering section.

    • Thank you for the advice. This seems to be a strain and is much better now. Just hoping it is under wraps before the start of the race on June 4th. I remember meeting you and your group that day outside Hood River. So glad you commented here! I live in Farmington, MO which is right on the Trans Am. I hope you make it here before I leave for the race. It would be great to see you again. I will shoot you an email with contact information.

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