Finishing up the Appalachains

I’m so glad I took yesterday off. Not only was the weather better today and I needed the rest, but it gave the snow a chance to melt to the north along the parkway. Yesterday would’ve been nasty and miserable, if not unsafe.  

I hit the road at 9:00, later than I wanted to, but it gave the temp a chance to come up a little. It was about 35 when I left. 

I tried to stay on the bike early and fight the urge to take breaks, even though I was cold. I had a big day planned and needed to keep moving.

That worked great until 20 miles in. I sold myself on the idea that I could take an early lunch. Better to sit down when it’s cold than when it warms up, or that’s what I told myself. So I had lunch at 10:30. 

I did a pretty good job of staying moving the rest of the day. I did take some breaks, but I also had quite a bit of climbing. The big one was from the village of Vesuvius up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Right at 2000′ of gain in about 4 miles. That’s steep my friends!

Once on the Blue Ridge, there was a few climbs, but the big fun was the views and the descents. Down I went into Waynesboro, where I intended on making today!

That puts me in pretty good shape for the rest of the trip. I should have just a few hills early on tomorrow, then mostly downhill, albeit an easy grade, to the coast. I’m about 225 miles from Yorktown now. 

Trip time-6:51
Avg speed-14.52
Max speed-39.11

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  1. Frank Bourbon says:

    Just want to say a premature congratulations to you on such a wonderful journey you have taken me on, with you. I enjoyed every mile so far, and everything along the way. The beauty of the land and the rivers and everything in between.and thank you for allowing me to see such beauty through your eyes. Frank & Karen

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