Cold and wet

After an absolutely AMAZING game six last night (!), I was excited to get going today and man up in the adverse weather conditions. I didn’t get out really early though. It was 9:00 when I left. Not bad seeing as it is getting daylight about 8:00. 

The road was wet, but it wasn’t raining at the time I set out. It was definitely cold though. Right at 40 degrees. As I rode, I warmed a little, but not much. My windbreaker was only breaking part of the wind. 

About 15 miles in, the rain started. Just sprinkles at first, but quickly it was a steady rain. I stopped and put on my raincoat. 

I was staying mostly dry except my face, but I was cold and ready for a break, so when I had the opportunity to stop at a spot in the road called Catawba at a convenience store just 23 miles in, I did. 

A snack, drink and about 20 minutes of break made me think I was ready to hit the road again. When I went outside, I found that the rain had picked up. It was just about to the pouring stage. Oh well. Part of the gig I guess. 

So I set out again with 18 miles to go to the next town, Daleville. I wasn’t very far down the road, maybe 2 miles, when I started feeling the moisture coming through my gloves. I hadn’t tested them in heavy rain, but I had hoped for better. Shortly after, my pants, which have legs that zip off at the knees, started leaking through said zippers. 

I’ve said before that I can handle wet, and I can handle cold, but put them together and I’m out. I was at that point. Those 18 miles to Daleville were miserable. The last couple miles, I’m pretty sure there was a little bit of sleet mixed in. 

With wet hands and wet from the knees down, I decided to call it a day. I was unhappy that I didn’t make it to Lexington as planned, but it’s not worth being that miserable. 

I checked in the Super 8, showered and chilled out the rest of the day waiting for game 7 of the world series! What a game it was! Cards are world champions!

Trip time-3:02
Avg speed-13.48
Max speed-37.01

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  1. Glenn M. Harrison says:

    Weather thias A.M. on NBC not looking good, w/ D.C. getting snow. You were riding in transition land that as you stated was not fun. Look at the weather and plan each 20 miles for breaks or shelter. Good luck for Sunday ride and Monday.

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