Big day again

So today, with about 230 miles left, I really wanted to make some good mileage and posture myself to be able to finish tomorrow. First things first, I was up and at em early. I hit the road at 7:30. And it was cold!

Right out of the box, I had to climb from Waynesboro back up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I knew this was coming and it was welcome as it warmed me up. No longer cold when I reached the top, I looked forward to descending and having a fairly flat day. 

Well, that’s about all I had of flat. Just looking forward to it. I’m disappointed in the elevation profile on the map. Not even close. There wasn’t anything tall really, just roller after roller after roller. 

I stayed on the bike pretty well and kept the breaks to a minimum. Just trucking along. As the afternoon went on, the distance and rollers were getting to me and quite frankly, I was spent. If there had been a place to stay, I would have pulled up short and rescheduled my flight. 

But there wasn’t anywhere to go, and I’m glad. Last night looking at the map, I had thoughts of reaching Mechanicsville. I didn’t quite make it there. About 16 miles short, but I did make Ashland, which was my for sure spot. The place I wanted to make it to for sure. I rolled into town right at dark, about 6:15.

I still had a huge day and set myself up to be able to finish tomorrow. That just seems so weird to say. Tomorrow I will be done. Anyway, I have just 98 miles left. I’m going to cut this blog short and get to bed. I’m beat and it’s going to be another early morning. 

Trip time-8:43
Avg speed-15.04
Max speed-39.63

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