A nice day in the bluegrass

The morning started out pretty cold, but it slowly warmed to cool by afternoon and the sunshine was amazing! Kentucky’s rolling hills have been great.

With the cooler temps (35), I waited to leave until 9:00. It was really brisk, but I warmed quickly climbing little hills. At 10:00, I was sweating pretty good and decided to peel layers off. It felt great to get the extra clothes off, until I got moving again! The little bit of sweat chilled me, but after that I realized it just wasn’t as warm as I thought. I decided to leave the layers off and just tough it out. It kept me moving!

I stopped for lunch in Harrodsburg. Ate at a cool old pharmacy turned coffee shop/cafe/ice cream and candy store with a guy playing piano for entertainment. He was extremely good and my burger wasn’t bad either.

The afternoon went well and I was anticipating arriving in Berea a little early. My pace was good and daylight was on my side. Just outside Buckeye, which is little more than a couple houses along the road, I stopped at an oasis of sorts. A little bitty store with few options. I decided on a soda and a bag of M&M’s.

The older couple there were the owners and surprise, I got to talking to them. They are the Millers and have been there many years. Seen lots and lots of cyclists over time. I had a great conversation with them and ended up spending near an hour there.

Once back on the road, the last 20 miles to Berea went well. Pretty quick and not too bad. In town, I stopped at Burger King for supper, next door at the gas station for snacks and drinks for the evening and then the motel I had a reservation at. The evening was spent talking to Jeneen and watching the Cardinals open up a can on the Rangers! I hope the media keeps giving Pujols a hard time. Wow!

Trip time-6:03
Avg speed-15.61
Max speed-43.63

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